Christmas survival tips

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As we all know, Christmas can be stressful enough without having to think about a baby. As a first time mum, I was mildly aware that baby’s routine might not coincide with Christmas day plans. Here are my top tips for surviving that ‘one day a year’.

  • Decide where Christmas will be spent (and possibly Boxing Day too). Trying to please everyone is virtually impossible, so don’t bother trying. We went for a ‘mini break’ (a 10 minute drive) for 2 nights to my in-laws; leading on to my next tip.
  • Grandparents! Some of them are too overbearing, some of them are not attentive enough, but some of them are juuuuust right. I suggest using them to your advantage. Let them feed the baby, or take them off your hands for 5 minutes, it’s your chance for a break too. Most importantly, Christmas is all about family and I believe everyone should be together as much as possible. It’s theirs and baby’s chance to engage with someone other than you, and it allows you to sit back and admire the most beautiful gift of all.
  • Keeping to your routine is essential. Stick to baby’s nap times, feed times, bath time and bed time as much as possible. An over tired, ratty baby isn’t something you want to be dealing with. You could, of course, be using that time much more wisely; a drink of mulled wine, filling up on the food and sitting on your bum watching Elf, or some other rubbish Christmas TV.

What are your top tips for surviving Christmas?




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