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Sorry there hasn’t been a blog post for a while, but the whole house had caught the dreaded ‘lurgy’. I am currently spending the days and nights smelling of ‘Eau du Vapour Rub’, surrounded by snotty tissues and sounding like a man.

My other half and I both had stomach flu last week and luckily Toby didn’t have that, but he did catch a cold and has now given it to us. Who says you have to appreciate and love everything your kids give to you, eh?

It’s been a bit of a mare really. It’s his first time being unwell, he doesn’t know what to do with himself, and quite frankly, we weren’t sure what to do with him either! How do you get snot out of your baby’s nose? At 1.30am on the second night, we were a bit desperate and so resorted to the internet. Let me tell you what doesn’t work; blowing up one of your baby’s nostrils, so the snot comes out of the other. It just irritates them even more. So, how can you help them?

If their noses are blocked, they may find it difficult to eat as well as they usually would. Feed them little and often and continue to offer them a drink (if your baby is over 4 months, you could try them with some cooled, boiled water) to keep them hydrated.

We decided to go to our local pharmacy to try and get a bulb syringe, to help clear the endless torrent of mucous that was coming out of his little nose. They didn’t have them and so suggested that we use a nasal saline spray as this would help to “dry it up”. In my opinion, it didn’t make that much of a difference. I ended up buying an ”NUK nasal aspirator” from Boots. Now, they’re not the easiest things to use, just because babies don’t want to keep still and have something shoved up their nose, but it does work. Should your little one really detest it, there’s no surer sign of love than sucking it our yourself!

Snotty baby life savers!
Snotty baby life savers!

The next thing I would recommend is “Snuffle Babe”. The equivalent of our “Vick”, I absolutely love the smell of this and it works wonders. Rub a bit on baby’s chest and soles of their feet (I’m told it helps), and if your baby has one, I always rub any excess on their comforter or muslin. If you don’t want to put it directly on or near your baby, dissolve some in some boiling water and leave it to steam in their room (out of reach, please!).

I would also advise that you slightly tip their cot. We placed books under the feet at one end and this helped no end with helping Toby to breathe a bit better.

Lastly, colds aren’t that serious, but if your baby does develop a temperature, please keep an eye on it. Depending on the age of your baby you could either give them ‘Calpol’ or ‘Calprofen’ to bring it down. This might even help to settle them a bit.

Please remember that colds aren’t curable, we can help to ease their discomfort though. If your baby is under 3 months old, it’s always worth getting them checked over by a doctor, even if you think it is just a cold.

When they’re a bit older, it’s easier for them to be ill; they can tell you where and what hurts, if they feel sick and what they want. In the meantime, babies can only cry and you’ll just have to guess like the rest of us.. I guess.



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