Ready for round two!

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We had a pretty short conversation about more children once we’d found out we were pregnant with Toby. Since he was a wonderful accident, we decided we’d quite like to plan the next one and get them all in with a relatively close age gap. We agreed to start trying again when Toby was around 6 months old. However, if you’ve read some of my other posts you’d probably know that this didn’t go to plan following the birth.

I made the decision that I would like to be “back to normal” before we started trying for another baby. But, since the NHS are so bloody slow, it got to a month or two before Toby’s 1st birthday and we decided to give it a go anyway. If it happens then it happens. If it doesn’t, then I get some more time to get back to me. We hadn’t been using contraception anyway, purely because my body didn’t take to it very well after giving birth.

We got our big fat positive on 25th September! You know when you just know you’re pregnant? I had only missed my period by a few hours. And there it was, in a matter of seconds and clear as day..


I’ve since had my booking in appointment with the midwife and two scans. We wanted the nuchal translucency test but as the baby was doing a headstand, and wouldn’t move from that very comfortable position, the sonographer couldn’t get the measurements and we had to go back a week later; not that I’m complaining because we got to see our wriggler on the screen again. I was also convinced I was having twins, which we now know I’m not. It started as a hunch and came on very suddenly, then I kept going over things that seemed as though they were “signs”. I was a little bit relieved that we wouldn’t have three children under the age of 2, but a little disappointed that my instincts were completely wrong.

Say hello to baby number two, due at the end of May! We’ll be finding out in the New Year whether we’re having a little brother or sister for Toby.




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