What my 15 month old REALLY wants..

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With Christmas no sooner than 6 days, or 5 sleeps, away, I am still thinking of things I could possibly get our 15 month old son for Christmas. We haven’t got him much purely on the basis that everyone else is going to be getting him lots of toys, clothes, books and probably money! I don’t really want to get lots of things because I don’t want anything to be duplicated and he already had so many lovely presents for his birthday at the end of August!

But, what does my 15 month old want? Behind those beautiful blue eyes, what does he really want?

The rocks in our fireplace. They appear to be good enough to suck on and have a gnaw at – delicious. They’re rather chalky, so maybe he likes that sort of thing. There’s been more than one occasion where I’ve left the room for a minute or two, to come back and find him with one of these nuggets of yumminess between his teeth and the white chalky stuff around his mouth. Thankfully for us, the whole fireplace is going.. going.. gone! early next year.

Our iPhones, iPads or the remote control. Firstly they’re our phones, secondly they’re a bashing device and thirdly a teether. This is probably our own fault. I often, still, give him my phone, or the remote control, to keep him from wriggling away during a nappy change. We literally can not leave any device any where in this house, not even behind a cushion, because he knows. How does he know it’s behind there? How does he manage to get his favourite program on the TV? Kids just know.

My kitchen cupboards and their contents. BANG. BANG. BANG. The sweet sound of our cupboards being opened and shut normally gives him away, though there have been times when he’s walked in to the living room with something or other. Since we don’t have locks on any of cupboards, it’s pretty easy for him. I’m pretty sure his favourite drawer is the one with the saucepans. Specifically the glass saucepan lids seem to be a hit! His second favourite would have to be the drink cupboard. It wasn’t that long ago he went and helped himself to a bottle of, unopened, wine and managed to drop it. And there it was. All over my kitchen floor. A bottle of red wine.

What is the fascination with plug sockets and the switches? We’ve got socket protectors in all the ones he can reach, and even though he’s stopped poking around in the holes, he still likes to flick them on and off. Especially when I’m hoovering. It’s not annoying at all when you’ve got a hoover half way up the stairs and you have to tell him to turn it back on, or risk going up and down the stairs with the hoover about 50 times to do 12 stairs!!

Nanny and Pop’s bucket of kindling and basket of logs. He loves bashing two of the smaller kindling sticks together to make music, something he does at his Tuesday toddler group with more ‘toddler friendly’ instruments. Creative indeed. It doesn’t matter that these logs are pretty heavy either, he seems to have this unknown strength (don’t they all?) and can pick one up anyway. All he wants for Christmas is a splinter.

But the ultimate, ULTIMATE, Toby must have is the recycling bin. Bits of cardboard, ripped up junk mail, a toilet roll insert and the empty milk bottle! He loves to shake it, try and fit it in his mouth, kick it around and bash it on any surface possible. He’s happy to chew a hole in the empty cardboard egg box, or throw all of my junk mail over the floor. Even when he was in his walker he used to lean over and grab anything within reach. He’s even been known to dip his hand into our regular bin! Boys!

What do your children really want for Christmas?



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