Month: January 2015

I’ve moved!!

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You can now find me at

I hope to see you there! x


Project 365 – Week 1

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I’ve come to this a bit late, but I think it’s a good way to stick my goal of being more consistent with my blogging. There’s been a lot of ‘Project 365’ coming up on my Twitter and Instagram feeds and I really enjoy seeing them, and I think this is the best way for me to keep you all updated too. So, instead of doing a daily blog post – I think I’m going to sum up weekly instead! The first full week seems like a better way to start, that way I won’t get confused, because I don’t think my baby brain can handle any more. It can be my Sunday evening reflection if you like..

Firstly, HAPPY (very belated) NEW YEAR! Did we all stay up until midnight and see lots of fireworks…? Sounds like a resounding ‘no’ to me. This year we did because we had guests and cooked, but last year we were in bed at 10pm and missed all of the fun! It seems as you get older, these things become completely overrated, and while everyone else is going to feel rubbish after a night out on the tiles, you’re fresh as a daisy on New Year’s Day and get to enjoy your roast dinner!

So.. what happened for us this week? Toby’s picked up a few new things over night.

  • He’s worked out how to play his harmonica, rather than just putting it in his mouth and make a noise himself. It’s actually not that annoying.. yet.
  • The teddies are finally feeling the love. They get a cuddle and a stroke before getting launched across the room.
  • He’s working out, pretty quickly, that he can go down stairs unaided and has been practicing lots at Nanny and Pops house. Of course he is supervised at all times!
  • My nursing chair is his new throne when we’re upstairs, and he loves that he can make it rock!
  • Someone(!) thought it funny to teach Toby to blow raspberries on my tummy too.

    FullSizeRender copy

In other news, we’ve finally got a date set for our kitchen to be ripped out from ceiling to floor! Work was due to start tomorrow, but as we’ve had to get some paperwork sorted, it’s been delayed. Roll on 19th January!

Secondly, we had a huge Spring clean of our clothes and shoes. I’ve been trying to sell lots of the more decent things, but we’ve also binned a lot too. I genuinely feel like there aren’t enough weeks in this pregnancy for us to complete everything I want doing before he makes his appearance. I’m very conscious that I need to make a list for a list for a list!

My plan this week is to make a list of things to get done while we’re moved out for 2 weeks while the kitchen is being done!
I’ll probably be having a breakdown by next Sunday, so best to keep checking on me!

J x

Toby reveals all..

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Hi everyone, I’m Toby and I’m 16 months old. My Mummy thought it was best if I took care of this blog post, especially since I’m the one that’s going to be a big brother.


My Mummy and Daddy have been telling me all about a new baby coming, but I’m still not really sure what they’re on about. I just look at them and give them a big clap and a smile at the end of what they’re saying, and that seems to please them.

I’ve heard Mummy and Daddy talking about whether they’d need to sort and wash all of my old things, or whether they’d have to take advantage of the last of the sales. They’ve been talking about a nursery and names. Well, let me tell you.. the new baby is not having my cot, or my milkies.


So am I to have a little brother? Or a little sister? Well..


T x

‘Sophie La Girafe’ protection cream

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During my last pregnancy I was really suffering with dryness at the sides of my mouth and no matter what I tried, I simply could not get it to shift. Everything from Vaseline to Chapstick to Carmex – nothing worked. Eventually I took myself to the doctors and after having my blood tested and the results sent through she immediately diagnosed me with something called ‘Angular Cheilitis’. It can be due to a number of things, however mine was due to my poor iron levels and, of course, the immunosuppression that happens during pregnancy.

When I got it again this time round, I knew exactly what it was. I skipped the doctor appointment and booked myself in for a blood test straight away. It came back negative, and so I assumed I was either getting a coldsore, or that the weather was playing havoc with my skin. Again, nothing worked – it maybe helped for a day or two, but then it’d come back with a vengeance.IMG_7272

Last week it had gotten so bad, that I just sat there and cried. You don’t always feel your best during pregnancy as it is, so to be lumbered with this as well, I just felt totally miserable. I was waking up 4 or 5 times a night to moisturise it, applying this and that just to try and get some relief. I didn’t want to kiss my other half, or my little boy because my lips were so wet with some sort of balm. I had 7 cracks on one side of my mouth and it had started spreading across my face. It even looked as though it was weeping where it was so swollen and red, like an angry red. I decided it was probably time to visit the doctor again.

After I came out of the appointment she had prescribed some creams, and had ordered a second blood test, but the said cream I could only apply twice a day at most and had to use a barrier on top, such a Vaseline, which I didn’t want to use.

So, after being very lucky to be sent some ‘Sophie La Girafe’ protection cream (and having been reminded so), which I had accidentally put in the recycling bin, I decided if it was good enough for babies, it was good enough for me. Let me tell you – miracle stuff! I hadn’t even known they did a cosmetic range, I had only known about their Sophie teether, which Toby was very much a fan of!IMG_7326

This little tube of loveliness has been everywhere with me for the best part of 48 hours and I’ve been applying it when I feel I need it to the side of my mouth. Here’s what I love about it:

  • Completely non sticky. You don’t even remember you’re wearing it!
  • Unlike Vaseline, it doesn’t make the affected area look shiny, so it doesn’t draw attention to the side of my mouth (which was a big thing for me; I was completely paranoid everyone was staring – quite like when you’ve got a huge spot)
  • You don’t need a lot – a little really does go a long way
  • It smells so good. I really like skin products that are organic and have a purity about them, which this does, and it’s not overpowering at all.
  • Not only does it soothe the skin, it allows it to breathe as well. This won’t clog your skin up, or make you feel like you’re wearing a thick layer of it unlike some other lotions and potions.
  • This is obviously a baby product, so I’ve been trying it out on Toby too. He has a bit of dry skin at the tops of his arms and this, even in the lastday, has made a huge improvement.

IMG_7330There’s so many things this product does, and this is just one of the ways it helped me. I will definitely be making sure we don’t runout of this stuff!

If you want to try it out yourself, Sophie La Giraffe products are widely available in Boots stores. You can also visit their websites atĀ or!

J x