About the author

I’ve heard the ‘About’ section on a blog is one of the most important you’ll ever write and you wouldn’t have looked if you didn’t want to know more about me. What is it you want to know?

I’m Jade. A 20-something year old blogger from the UK. I’m first and foremost a mummy to Toby, with baby number two due in May 2015, and fiancée to Jamie. Secondly, after working part time, I’m a wannabe domestic goddess, occasional ironer and star tea maker.

I decided to start blogging as a way of keeping a diary and a bit of sanity. I’ve always enjoyed writing and a lot of the time kept a mental journal. However, after finding I was (unexpectedly) pregnant I found I was remembering less. Ta-dah, my blog began. After Toby was born, blogging was the last thing on my mind, I just wanted to sleep and sleep. So when Toby turned 13 weeks old, appeared to be in a relatively good routine and was sleeping through the night, I found I had about an hour or so of ‘down time’ where I could start dedicating myself to writing blog posts. Although I don’t actually sit on here every night, because sometimes I really do just want to curl up on the sofa and watch really crap TV with a cup of tea.

This is purely to be able to share my experiences with other bloggers and learn from theirs. It’s so lovely that people are even taking time out of their day to read the posts that I’ve done.

You can like my Facebook page here, follow me on Twitter here, and on Instagram here. Happy reading!




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