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Project 365 – Week 1

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I’ve come to this a bit late, but I think it’s a good way to stick my goal of being more consistent with my blogging. There’s been a lot of ‘Project 365’ coming up on my Twitter and Instagram feeds and I really enjoy seeing them, and I think this is the best way for me to keep you all updated too. So, instead of doing a daily blog post – I think I’m going to sum up weekly instead! The first full week seems like a better way to start, that way I won’t get confused, because I don’t think my baby brain can handle any more. It can be my Sunday evening reflection if you like..

Firstly, HAPPY (very belated) NEW YEAR! Did we all stay up until midnight and see lots of fireworks…? Sounds like a resounding ‘no’ to me. This year we did because we had guests and cooked, but last year we were in bed at 10pm and missed all of the fun! It seems as you get older, these things become completely overrated, and while everyone else is going to feel rubbish after a night out on the tiles, you’re fresh as a daisy on New Year’s Day and get to enjoy your roast dinner!

So.. what happened for us this week? Toby’s picked up a few new things over night.

  • He’s worked out how to play his harmonica, rather than just putting it in his mouth and make a noise himself. It’s actually not that annoying.. yet.
  • The teddies are finally feeling the love. They get a cuddle and a stroke before getting launched across the room.
  • He’s working out, pretty quickly, that he can go down stairs unaided and has been practicing lots at Nanny and Pops house. Of course he is supervised at all times!
  • My nursing chair is his new throne when we’re upstairs, and he loves that he can make it rock!
  • Someone(!) thought it funny to teach Toby to blow raspberries on my tummy too.

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In other news, we’ve finally got a date set for our kitchen to be ripped out from ceiling to floor! Work was due to start tomorrow, but as we’ve had to get some paperwork sorted, it’s been delayed. Roll on 19th January!

Secondly, we had a huge Spring clean of our clothes and shoes. I’ve been trying to sell lots of the more decent things, but we’ve also binned a lot too. I genuinely feel like there aren’t enough weeks in this pregnancy for us to complete everything I want doing before he makes his appearance. I’m very conscious that I need to make a list for a list for a list!

My plan this week is to make a list of things to get done while we’re moved out for 2 weeks while the kitchen is being done!
I’ll probably be having a breakdown by next Sunday, so best to keep checking on me!

J x