‘Sophie La Girafe’ protection cream

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During my last pregnancy I was really suffering with dryness at the sides of my mouth and no matter what I tried, I simply could not get it to shift. Everything from Vaseline to Chapstick to Carmex – nothing worked. Eventually I took myself to the doctors and after having my blood tested and the results sent through she immediately diagnosed me with something called ‘Angular Cheilitis’. It can be due to a number of things, however mine was due to my poor iron levels and, of course, the immunosuppression that happens during pregnancy.

When I got it again this time round, I knew exactly what it was. I skipped the doctor appointment and booked myself in for a blood test straight away. It came back negative, and so I assumed I was either getting a coldsore, or that the weather was playing havoc with my skin. Again, nothing worked – it maybe helped for a day or two, but then it’d come back with a vengeance.IMG_7272

Last week it had gotten so bad, that I just sat there and cried. You don’t always feel your best during pregnancy as it is, so to be lumbered with this as well, I just felt totally miserable. I was waking up 4 or 5 times a night to moisturise it, applying this and that just to try and get some relief. I didn’t want to kiss my other half, or my little boy because my lips were so wet with some sort of balm. I had 7 cracks on one side of my mouth and it had started spreading across my face. It even looked as though it was weeping where it was so swollen and red, like an angry red. I decided it was probably time to visit the doctor again.

After I came out of the appointment she had prescribed some creams, and had ordered a second blood test, but the said cream I could only apply twice a day at most and had to use a barrier on top, such a Vaseline, which I didn’t want to use.

So, after being very lucky to be sent some ‘Sophie La Girafe’ protection cream (and having been reminded so), which I had accidentally put in the recycling bin, I decided if it was good enough for babies, it was good enough for me. Let me tell you – miracle stuff! I hadn’t even known they did a cosmetic range, I had only known about their Sophie teether, which Toby was very much a fan of!IMG_7326

This little tube of loveliness has been everywhere with me for the best part of 48 hours and I’ve been applying it when I feel I need it to the side of my mouth. Here’s what I love about it:

  • Completely non sticky. You don’t even remember you’re wearing it!
  • Unlike Vaseline, it doesn’t make the affected area look shiny, so it doesn’t draw attention to the side of my mouth (which was a big thing for me; I was completely paranoid everyone was staring – quite like when you’ve got a huge spot)
  • You don’t need a lot – a little really does go a long way
  • It smells so good. I really like skin products that are organic and have a purity about them, which this does, and it’s not overpowering at all.
  • Not only does it soothe the skin, it allows it to breathe as well. This won’t clog your skin up, or make you feel like you’re wearing a thick layer of it unlike some other lotions and potions.
  • This is obviously a baby product, so I’ve been trying it out on Toby too. He has a bit of dry skin at the tops of his arms and this, even in the lastday, has made a huge improvement.

IMG_7330There’s so many things this product does, and this is just one of the ways it helped me. I will definitely be making sure we don’t runout of this stuff!

If you want to try it out yourself, Sophie La Giraffe products are widely available in Boots stores. You can also visit their websites at or!

J x


Fill ‘n’ Squeeze -Review-

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They say it’s “baby food made squeezee”, so I decided to give it a go.

Toby has always loved the pouches of food that he’s had, except I’d never actually bought him any. I’d always used vouchers, or had lots of free samples, so when it actually came to buying them, I realised just how expensive pouches could be. I was actually really disappointed, because the ingredients really don’t cost that much to buy, so really you’re just paying someone else to put it in a pouch for you. Pretty lazy really.

I’d been toying around with the idea of buying ‘Fill ‘n’ Squeeze’ ever since I saw their demonstration at The Baby Show in May 2012, when I was 6 months pregnant. We didn’t buy one there and then, purely because we didn’t know if we’d ever actually use it and we didn’t want it to sit there and be forgotten about. However, I made the decision to buy one a few weeks ago and start using it. I figured they’d be handy to use now Toby was having regular desserts and is starting to learn to feed himself, so we ordered the starter pack.

You can basically make everything from purees to yoghurts for the babies, and use them for smoothies for the big kids. This is a genuinely genius product with no age limit attached. You could even use one yourself if you really wanted to.

I first used it to make apple and mango puree, and I have to say I made the mistake of not cooking the apple enough and ended up with apple and mango all over my worktop, my floor and my top! I can not stress enough that you need to cook until you can squish it with the masher. Alternatively, I’ve found that for chunkier foods (such as our leftover spaghetti bolognese) we pop it in the food processor and then pop it in the container for squeezing in the pouches.

The pouches themselves are very robust and appear to be very durable, although only time will tell. I find that 5 is quite enough for us at the moment, but you are able to order more separately from the product. These are easily cleaned (yes, they’re reusable) with some washing up liquid and some water (you may even be able to get a tiny bottle brush in there), although one thing I noticed is that sometimes it takes a bit of effort to clean around the spout if the food is mushed in there well enough; I just pulled a couple of bits out with a sharp knife. They’re just the right size and have measurements on the side if you want to keep track of just how much your baby is eating.

There's only 3 pouches here (2 are in the freezer).
There’s only 3 pouches here (2 are in the freezer).

When actually filling the pouches, you need to apply just the right amount of pressure to the food going in, if not, once you remove the pouch to attach the next one or put the stopper in, it just comes spewing out and you end up having to tilt it. It’s one of these products that you get better at using, the more familiar you become with it. Either that, or I am just completely useless when it comes to these things!

The pouches can be stored in the fridge or the freezer, heated up in warm water (if you wish to serve the food warm), and babies can easily grab hold of them. Once they work out what happens when they squeeze, they’ll be feeding themselves in no time. I also found it was really good when differentiating between milk feeds and food feeds, because they’re coming from a different spout/teat. It’s also really good for squeezing food onto a spoon if you don’t want the baby getting too messy, or you’re out and about.

This is one of my mummy must haves – baby food made squeezee (and convenient) indeed!


Cosatto Highchair -Review-

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You’d think buying a highchair would be straight forward, right? Wrong. There’s functions, safety and (of course) price to consider.

I’ve spent a good month looking for the “perfect” one and after a lot of “hmm-ing” and “harr-ing” over lots of different models, we decided to go for the Cosatto Noodle Dippi Egg.

Image courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon

Surely all you need is for your baby to sit in it so you can feed them or include them at the table? While that’s great for those of you who want something simple and straightforward, it’s extremely limited. The highchair may be too tall or short to fit at your table, or baby isn’t comfortable. That’s why the Cosatto Dippi Egg is an egg-celent selection. This highchair boasts no less than six height adjustments and three reclining seat positions – absolute gold if baby has fallen asleep! Height adjustment is determined with numbers on the front ‘feet’, helpful if you don’t want a wonky seat, and is done by holding in the two lower level, rear red clips. The seat position is amended by lifting the white button on the back and manoeuvring the back of the chair forwards or back.

The seat itself is lovely and squishy, patterned in pastel, neutrally coloured dippi eggs; some happy, some sad (you would be too if your head had been cracked open and some toast dipped in)! The seat pad is removable and wipe clean, an absolute must, and baby is secured with a 5 point safety harness to reduce wriggly-ness and escapees. These can be loosened or tightened. There is a footrest which does need securing with a couple of screws (included).

Other features include a detachable tray with 3 options of depth. Slide it on as you would any highchair tray – the only thing I would say is that it can seem quite chunky and clunky. This can be stored on the back of the highchair when not in use. Within the detachable tray is a green, multi-area removable tray (dishwasher safe) – ideal if you want to differentiate between snack times and meal times.

Easy to assemble, and fairly compact; I wouldn’t say it’s the best space saver in the world. It folds up enough to store in an unused corner and is freestanding. Nice and sturdy once open, all you need to do is grab the two higher level red buttons and give it a flick out until it clicks into place. It says suitable from 6 months, but my 4 month old sits comfortably in this no problem.

Don’t be content with the first price you see! Seriously, have a good shop around (Kiddicare, Mothercare, Boots, Argos, Online4Baby, branded website (Cosatto/Stokke/Mamas and Papas etc..)  to name a few) and compare the prices including delivery. I managed to get our highchair down from the RRP of £100 to £64.95 just by spending time finding the best deal. Don’t forget to register your free 4 year guarantee on the Cosatto website. It literally takes you 5 minutes.

Here’s my little one enjoying his food!

What do you have to say about your highchair?


Foam Bath Support -Review-

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This product is absolute GOLD! Literally, do not waste your money on expensive, faffy baby bath products because this is all you will ever need. Trust me.

One of my good friends got this for me in a hamper at my baby shower and, at first, I was really hesitant to use it. If I’m being honest, it’s mainly because I wasn’t sure how to, and I really didn’t want to take the chance of thinking I knew what to do with it. I know that sounds utterly ridiculous but answers to the questions I had weren’t on any instruction booklet, because it didn’t come with one.

Was it suitable from birth? Was it to use in the “adult” bath, or just as a support in the baby bath? Do I put it in the sink? Was it for me to eat if I had a craving towards the end of my pregnancy? So I Googled it, just to make sure.

Anyway, this has literally been one of the best baby products I could’ve ever thought about getting. It’s practical, easy to use and best of all, cheap! Just pop it in your big bath and fill up with water to a level you’re comfortable with (I usually let the foam sit just under the water. Don’t forget your baby will sink into it slightly, depending on how big they are) and place baby on the foam. This eliminates any chance of what I like to call “baby bath arm” – you know, the awkward attempt at holding your baby while simultaneously trying to wash them or play with them.. yes? That. Your baby can finally be “hands free” and you can wash them and enjoy playing with them. It also gives them a chance to have a good splash once they’re a little bit bigger.


One thing I will add, and this is just my personal opinion, is that the base is probably better for babies from birth up until about 3 months, rather than the stated 6 months. Our baby tended to lay with his arms up above his head and only splash with his legs. We had been using this for quite a while but didn’t realise our little one felt somewhat restricted by it. However, we had a family weekend break where we hadn’t taken this with us, and he absolutely loved the bath without it. Lots of splashing and wriggling around, so we decided to stop using it. But it’s down to you and your baby.

Even though this foam support is described as having a ”non-slip base”, it’s only true as long as it’s weighed down by your baby. Otherwise, it does tend to float around in the water.

Lastly, once you’re finished with it, remember to wring it out, literally like a big sponge and pop it at the end of the bath to dry.

Please remember that, even though this product offers support for your baby, you should never, not even for a few seconds, leave your baby alone in the bath!