I’ve moved!!

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You can now find me at http://www.raisingtherings.com

I hope to see you there! x


Obsessive, compulsive nothing!

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A short post tonight.

As a new mum, I’m always trying to be a parent and a domestic goddess all in one go. I’ve just been watching ‘Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners’ and I don’t think I’d have the time to fluff my cushions 30 times and hoover the house 4 times a day. I think I’ve maybe managed one or two days where I’ve actually stood back and thought ‘yes, you’ve mastered it’. It doesn’t last. The pile of ironing has been chatting me up for a good couple of weeks, and it’s doing a pretty rubbish job because I’ve not been tempted into a date.. yet.

I’ve been trying to get by on the good old ‘little and often’ rule. I try to set myself one (or two, depending on size) room a day to clean. I’m not saying they always get done, because playing with the baby is much more fun and rewarding. I find that if I have slacked on the housework, that I get awfully stressed about it. What are your tips on managing your cleaning? How do you find a good balance?

This picture makes me laugh every time. Minus 4 of those kids and the dog, this is how I feel every day! Do you think this is a fair representation of our every day lives?


Anyway, I’m off to prepare the bottles, have a shower and get into my bed. Well deserved I’d say.






Nancy E. Turner once said..

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“The best thing a girl can be is a good wife and mother. It is a girl’s highest calling. I hope I am ready.”Image


Can you ever really be prepared for motherhood? I thought I was, until I had Toby.

I’ve considered blogging for a while, but wondered whether I’d ever have the time to do it – and I can safely say that at 13 weeks post childbirth, I finally have an hour or two to spare in the evening.

Essentially this blog will be my life on a page – trials and tribulations as I try to be ‘Wonder Woman/Mum/girlfriend” (literally impossible). A place to vent, offer advice based on my own experiences and maybe even review products.

Let’s begin..