‘Liebster Award’ nomination

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The Liebster Award

I am SO excited to have been nominated to receive the ‘Liebster Award’ from a lovely blogger called Mollie. You can find her blog here! Please have a little read, follow her and leave her a little comment or two. For those of you who don’t know it’s usually given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers as a ”welcome to blogging”.

The rules for this award are as follows

*You must give us 11 facts about yourself*
*The person who nominated you should give you 11 questions to answer*
*Nominate a further 11 bloggers and give them some questions*
*Include the Liebster Award logo*

My 11 facts

I only started blogging late last year
I became a mummy in August 2013
I’m on Twitter most days, you can follow me here
I have my own Facebook page too and you can like me here
I have a younger sister and two younger brothers
I absolutely can’t stand coffee
I absolutely love Harry Potter
I was born and raised in Norfolk, UK (yes, the farmers’ county)
I am shockingly hopeless when it comes to fashion and make up
I would much rather buy baby things, than clothes for myself
I live for romantic moments (but don’t tell my other half..)

Here are the answers to my 11 questions

*What are your favourite blogs and blog posts to read?*
My favourite blogs, and posts to read, are those which focus on parenting, babies and pregnancy. As a first time mum, it’s incredible what advice and tips you can pick up from those who have already been there and aren’t necessarily professionals. Believe it or not, I also love reading fashion and beauty blogs, purely because I am ridiculously hopeless at both! I don’t have time to be a fashionable, dolled up mummy so I just like to pore over them!

*What are the best things that have happened in your life so far?*
Finding true love and giving birth to our amazing son.

*What do you do to stay motivated and organised when it comes to blogging?*
This is actually one of the things I really struggle with. Sometimes I’m so tired I just want to sit down and not have to think about anything, but then I remember that maybe people really enjoy what I read, and I enjoy writing my thoughts down.

*What are your favourite nail polishes?*
I don’t get time to do my nails very often but if I do, I try out lots of different colours. I’m not into bright, neon ones so tend to stick with pastel or nudes. Sometimes, if I’m feeling adventurous, I might put a bit of glitter over the top. I tend to buy from Barry M. I love their Gelly Hi-Shine polishes.

*What are your top 3 shops and why?*
Since I hardly shop for myself anymore, I’d much rather spend money on Toby or on getting the house done, this is a little difficult. However, if I had to choose for myself I’d firstly choose Primark. Relatively good quality, depending on what you buy, but also cheap and cheerful! Secondly, I’d have to say ASOS. Not exactly a high street shop I know, but it’s so much easier to shop online with a baby, plus they have amazing sales and the quality of the clothes is brilliant. Lastly, I’d have to pick H&M. We don’t have one around here so I either have to shop online, or go to Norwich, but they also do lovely baby clothes. Two birds with one stone, right?

*Do you have any app recommendations? If so, what do you use them for and why do you like them?*
If I had to recommend an app, it’d have to be ‘The Wonder Weeks’. A fabulous little app to try and determine when your baby will experience “sunny” or “stormy” periods throughout the various leaps in their development. It gives you an insight in to what you can expect your baby to be doing after these leaps have taken place. At last check it was only £1.49 too!

*I am thinking of getting a new camera for blogging, which compact cameras do you think are the best?*
Wow, I really don’t know! The only camera I really use is on my iPhone – quick and easy to whip out, take the picture, and upload to the computer. The only other thing we use is our video camera!

*What is your favourite drink?*
You can’t beat a good cup of tea can you? There’s not much it can’t fix. If I had to choose a cold drink, it’d be fizzy Vimto!

*What is your favourite event of the year? (Christmas/Birthday/Easter etc..)*
Anyone who knows me, knows I can’t be without Christmas, especially now I have a child. I literally get ridiculous! I love everything about it; family time, presents, excitement, food and drink. What more could you want?

*Do you know any good blog designers? Or if not, how do I create my own professional blog design?*
I genuinely don’t have a clue, I am SO new to blogging that this is a question I’d also like some answers to!

*What can I do to improve my blog?*
I love everything about your blog. The content is fabulous, and I love all the little widgets at the side.

My Liebster nominations go to..

Mummy Probs

All About U

And my questions for you are
When did you start blogging?
Who/what inspired you to start blogging?
What were your pregnancies like?
What’s your worst habit?
What’s your favourite film?
What’s your daily make up routine?
What’s your biggest regret?
What do you think makes your blog different?
How do you think I can improve my blog?
What’s your “go to” quick meal?
Local shops or big chains? Why?

That’s all I can nominate. Literally all of the other blogs I read have an enormous amount of followers and this award wouldn’t be appropriate.
I had a very quick look to find some new blogs, but it really is hard to find them. I guess you really do have to make your mark to get anyway. If you would like to be nominated, please let me know so I can have a little read of your blog!