Post pregnancy weight loss (Body by Vi, UK)

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Everyone’s looking to shift those last few pounds of baby weight.. you know, the ones that just won’t go!

I was recently given the opportunity to review a company which has just been introduced to the UK; Body By Vi. It’s had huge success in North America and is expected to make waves here too. The challenge, providing you are on the full kit, is for you to lose 10lbs of weight or build 10lb of muscle. This stems from their belief that the secret to success lies in the first 10lbs.

I received a 3 day challenge kit which included 6 meal replacement shakes and a mix-in strawberry powder.


Day 1 – starting weight.

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Now don’t laugh. I know you’re probably all thinking “What on EARTH is she doing trying to lose weight?”. Admittedly, I am lighter than I was before I became pregnant. However, I was much slimmer round the middle and had slightly fuller boobs. What I want out of this is for me to lose my post pregnancy middle spread, and THEN tone it up/build a bit of muscle.

I have to say day 1 was tough. I’m used to having a good breakfast (3 rounds of toast and a cup of tea) and I must say, as delicious as this shake was, it just didn’t fill me up. I think I was already looking for my next meal before I’d even finished it. I stuck purely with the shakes for the first day, but found that I was awfully hungry!

Day 2 was slightly better because I was prepared for the hunger, although I must admit I did eat a healthy snack between the shakes just to keep the hunger from turning me into a junk food, chocolate craving maniac scrapping around the cupboards for so much as a naughty biscuit crumb.

By day 3, I was pretty glad it was coming to an end, although I was a little bit excited to see if I’d actually lost any weight the next morning. And I had;


That’s right. I’d lost a pound in 3 days. I wasn’t disheartened, I was actually pretty happy with myself. Being slow and steady with weight loss is seen as the best way rather than, say 10lb a week, which is likely to come straight back on.

Although I did this on my own, Body by Vi’s message is that it’s about the challenge. This is what sets them apart from any other shake diet currently out there. Their statistics show that you’re more likely to lose weight if you share and join with friends/family/colleagues.

To encourage you to do the challenge, Body by Vi also run something called ‘Project 10’. Effectively you select your goal, the kit you wish to use, document it and upload an ‘I want it’ video to show this. They then pick 10 winners (5 males, 5 females) a week to win £600. See more here

There appear to be, from looking at the website, lots of different flavours to cater for everyone. However, there are recipes you can make at home to make them more bearable, whether it be for the flavour or the texture etc.. Take a look at ‘Think Outside the Blender‘ and ‘ViSalus Shake Recipes‘. I think you’ll be very surprised at what you can actually make!

Personally, I don’t think this is for me. I’m far too much of a food lover to be replacing it, even if it is only for 90 days and no matter how much I want to shift these last few pounds before I can really start pumping the iron. I would however say that the shakes I had were very flavoursome (like cake mix, who doesn’t LOVE cake mix?) and I lost weight.

Do you want to take the challenge? For more information, please visit and contact



Foam Bath Support -Review-

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This product is absolute GOLD! Literally, do not waste your money on expensive, faffy baby bath products because this is all you will ever need. Trust me.

One of my good friends got this for me in a hamper at my baby shower and, at first, I was really hesitant to use it. If I’m being honest, it’s mainly because I wasn’t sure how to, and I really didn’t want to take the chance of thinking I knew what to do with it. I know that sounds utterly ridiculous but answers to the questions I had weren’t on any instruction booklet, because it didn’t come with one.

Was it suitable from birth? Was it to use in the “adult” bath, or just as a support in the baby bath? Do I put it in the sink? Was it for me to eat if I had a craving towards the end of my pregnancy? So I Googled it, just to make sure.

Anyway, this has literally been one of the best baby products I could’ve ever thought about getting. It’s practical, easy to use and best of all, cheap! Just pop it in your big bath and fill up with water to a level you’re comfortable with (I usually let the foam sit just under the water. Don’t forget your baby will sink into it slightly, depending on how big they are) and place baby on the foam. This eliminates any chance of what I like to call “baby bath arm” – you know, the awkward attempt at holding your baby while simultaneously trying to wash them or play with them.. yes? That. Your baby can finally be “hands free” and you can wash them and enjoy playing with them. It also gives them a chance to have a good splash once they’re a little bit bigger.


One thing I will add, and this is just my personal opinion, is that the base is probably better for babies from birth up until about 3 months, rather than the stated 6 months. Our baby tended to lay with his arms up above his head and only splash with his legs. We had been using this for quite a while but didn’t realise our little one felt somewhat restricted by it. However, we had a family weekend break where we hadn’t taken this with us, and he absolutely loved the bath without it. Lots of splashing and wriggling around, so we decided to stop using it. But it’s down to you and your baby.

Even though this foam support is described as having a ”non-slip base”, it’s only true as long as it’s weighed down by your baby. Otherwise, it does tend to float around in the water.

Lastly, once you’re finished with it, remember to wring it out, literally like a big sponge and pop it at the end of the bath to dry.

Please remember that, even though this product offers support for your baby, you should never, not even for a few seconds, leave your baby alone in the bath!